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Vineland Nurseries is located in the Niagara Peninsula Wine Country between Hamilton and St. Catharines. It lies just below the Niagara Escarpment, about 1 mile from Lake Ontario. Thus the area is considered a Plant Zone 7 (old Canadian Plant Hardiness Zone Map). This often allows for the growth of many less hardy plants. At the nursery as well as in our catalog we list hardiness zones for all our plants to assist with proper customer selection. Keep in mind that hardiness zones should be used as guidelines only, since many variables such as rainfall, soil type, summer temperature, microclimates etc... will influence the survival of a plant.

There are at least 3 plant hardiness maps you may come accross:
Canadian - Old Map ( 0 > 9)
Canadian - New Map (0 >8 )
USDA – (1 > 11) for all of N. America puts the Niagara area in a Zone 5b ( includes Hamilton and Toronto)

0 coldest
8, 9 or 11 warmest


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